“My Name Is Earl”: Our Other COPS Is On

“Our Other COPS Is On” opens with the prison inmates watching TV until their time is up and Randy has to turn the TV off. But the inmates stole the knob off the TV, so it stays on. Turns out that COPS is on.

And it happens to be the other episode of COPS that was filmed in Camden County on July 4, 2002, the first July 4 after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. There’s lots of jingoism and paranoia at the celebration on the fairgrounds. The Camden County cops were shipped a bunch of anti-terrorist equipment by mistake and are just going nuts with it, until Earl and Randy steal it and all the fireworks, too.

After a lot of very weird, convoluted stuff involving a naked Crab Man, Gay Kenny, and a drunk Tim Stack driving a runaway bumper car, the cops eventually catch Earl and subject him to a very probing interrogation. Finally realizing that Earl isn’t a terrorist, the cops set Earl free, so long as he doesn’t say anything about being tortured.

When the COPS episode is over, the inmates all think Randy is a hero and a celebrity.

While the first “Our COPS Is On” was a clever departure from the usual story, this one seemed a little forced, and definitely didn’t warrant an hourlong episode. It’s almost as if this episode was a dumping ground for all the gags they couldn’t fit elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong. Still very funny, but it didn’t get us any closer to Earl getting out of prison — a direction I hope the series starts heading very soon.

Also, anyone else Google Dan Coscino?

[Update: Here’s the “Free Earl” video, with lots more Dan Coscino! His STARmeter on imdb is up over 7,000 percent since last week!]

What We Learned:

What’s more American than appliances and obese women?

French toast? Not anymore!

Most guys who get shot down in high school turn out to be big studs … or gay.

Cotton candy: the deadliest snack.

Surface to Surface Urban Combat Transport Vehicle, also known as a scooter.

Never get into a foot race with an old black lady.

This is the best country to live in and sell your body to strangers in the world.

In post-9/11 America, it’s every town for itself!!

It’s like the terrorists kneed us in the nuts … the nuts of our heart.

Mud and jelly sandwiches look the same as PB&J but taste completely different.

If you don’t have Merlot, substitute beer mixed with Kool Aid.

It’s hard to hide a loogey on a doughnut.

The Vietnamese are a beautiful and flexible people.

Terrorists 1. Cops 1. Tie score. Your move, terrorists.

Wisdom From Randy: Dude, if you like elbows, boobies are gonna blow your mind.

Crab Man Chronicles: Danger: Educated Black Man. Darnell’s unusually spry grandma was in the 1936 Olympics. Hitler hated her.

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