Ellen and Iggy: You’ve Got E-Mail

Okay, I forget exactly what day we’re on in IggyGate (and hey, Us Magazine, I called it that first, man, so nerny, nerny on you). But just as things were starting to die down a little, and life in Ellenville was getting back to dancing and presents, it looks like the über-sleuths of The Smoking Gun have unearthed a pretty authentic-looking email exchange betwixt all parties involved. And it ain’t looking good for E & P’s version of events.

Or for spelling and grammar, in the case of the scorned hairdresser.

Meanwhile, various media outlets are rumbling that the real reason E&P tried for the baby in the first place was to try to save a relationship gone south. And you know how well THAT usually works out.

At any rate, thus far no one is denying the emails, everyone is denying the breakup … and Iggy? He’s still not talking.

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