Dexter Episode 4: Secrets and Lila

One of the measures of a series’ success comes when it begins attracting stars in cameo roles. This season, we’ve already seen Keith Carradine as Special Agent Lundy. Now JoBeth Williams joins the cast as Rita’s surreptitiously toxic mom, who sizes up Dexter and says, “That man is hiding something.” He warms up to her when she tells him that if the Bay Harbor Butcher is only killing evil people, Miami ought to give him a medal. Some in the city, and a lot of the BHB’s victims, agree. Unfortunately, Lundy is not one of them, and as the hunt for the killer continues, Dex’s paranoia is growing.

But he has two lifelines: Rita and her family, and his hot NA sponsor Lila*. When Rita sees Lila give Dex a hug that seems more than just supportive, she suggests he find someone more manly to help him deal with his urges. When giving Lila the old heave ho becomes difficult (there are no monsters, she tells him), he takes her to the station to see the BHB victims. She isn’t repulsed. She thinks it’s art. He thinks she’s marvelous and since she never asks, “Hey, what’s the connection to you?” also a bit dense.

Meanwhile, Doakes continues to prove he is also a killer, showing some great shooting skills when he brings down a fellow special ops alum. And LaGuerta sinks to a level of depravity that Dexter — or Doakes, for that matter — could never comprehend.

More questions: What will Doakes do with the body? What will Dex do when he discovers that Lila’s dark urges go beyond stealing lawn ornaments? Will he be forced into another decision like that with his brother? I assume the writers of this series are more inventive than that — after all, they already changed Doakes’ first name. Call him James.

*AA pals who watch Dexter comment that rarely do men find Lilas of their own at meetings and that picking a hot member of the opposite sex as a sponsor is frowned upon, as sex should be the last thing on the mind of those in the early stages of recovery.

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