You “Cane” Always Get What You Want — A Recap

Posted by Sarah

This episode could’ve been titled “Alex’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day.” That, or, “Someone Found Their Santana Collection and Decided to Play Every Song.”

We start out in a meeting between Frank and Alex, which is normal enough until we start seeing it in green, and with the sound quality of a wiretap. Interesting. Cop-voiced cop comes into the room (there goes theory #1) and gives Alex back his gun, telling him it’s clean. Well, duh — you think Alex was going to have Quinonez shot with his own gun? The bad news is that a blood sample from Quinonez was found in the place Miguel told them to look for the body. When Alex tries to paste an honest look onto his face and says he’s not involved in any way, he’s told to get a lawyer.

Strains of Santana play in the background …

Frank and Alice still aren’t talking to each other after Alice accused Alex of murder. But apparently, not talking means they can still have sex on her staircase. Frank leaves in the morning after telling Alice, “oh, we’re still not talking. I just needed to get laid.” Ouch.

Old Man Samuels is watching the surveillance tape, and hints that it’s about time to get rid of the Senator and take the ethanol subsidy from Alex. The Senator’s “proclivities” are alluded to. Hmmm …

More Santana.

Cop-voiced cop’s supervisor, Hodges, questions Alex, and afterward Alex calls a meeting with Santo. He flips out, throwing Santo against the fence and yelling that they need to stick together. He wants to know exactly where the gun and the shovel are, and Santo tells him they’re in the ocean where no one will ever find them. Alex counters with “You said they’d never find the body, too, and now I’ve got cops breathing down my neck.” Santo insists it’s fine, and that their stories are straight and they’re in this together. Cop-voiced cop pays Frank a visit, and asks him how Alex has seemed lately. Frank gets suspicious.

Supper at the Duque house, and Alex isn’t hungry (surprise, surprise). When his mom and wife fawn all over him out of concern that he’s sick or not drinking enough water, he snaps at them, causing Amalia to make him go outside and come back in again after he’s checked his stuff at the door. Aw, mom!

Hodges goes to see Santo, and finds that his trunk smells like bleach. Uh-oh …

Alex gets a call that night, and from the look on his face, it’s more bad news. “Turn on the tv,” he tells his family. The Senator’s been arrested for pulling a Larry Craig. “So this is the man we’ve staked our future on,” says Pancho. Alex tries to get the Senator on the phone, but obviously he doesn’t have much luck.

The next morning, Old Man Samuels comes to see Santo at the dog track, encouraging him to confess and get a lenient sentence. If he remains loyal to Alex, he’ll get the chair. Then the old man calls Alex, who’s in his office still frantically trying to get the Senator on the phone, and hints that he’s the one who tipped the cops and the media off about the Senator, setting up the sting. Alex hangs up. Cop-voiced cop calls him to say they have a warrant to search Santo’s house and car. We see Santo packing. Alex calls him, but he doesn’t answer. Sirens and lights, they find something, and Santo’s hauled off to the station. Cop-voiced cop calls Alex and tells him he’d better come down, too — he’s got some ‘splaining to do. Frank walks in to Alex’s office and tells him the Senator’s resigned. Alex looks like death on a triscuit.

Frank grills Alice for all the details about her suspicions about Alex. Again with the Santana.

Katie, who was grounded for the drunken car accident, has been sneaking out to see Nick, the celeb publicist. He’s secretly taping them having sex. Upcoming scandal?

Down at the station, Santo’s in a room with Hodge. Cop-voiced cop has Alex in an adjoining room. Each cop tries to get his interrogatee to turn on the other and save himself. Hodges says the lab work on the blood in Santo’s trunk is due back any minute, and if Santo writes “I did it for Alex Vega” on the pad in front of him before the labs come back, he’ll be given leniency. Santo hesitates. Cop-voiced cop tells Alex he can tell he’s lying because he won’t look him in the eye, just like when they were kids and Alex was cheating with his girlfriend for a month. Alex looks him in the eye. Santo grabs the pad and pen and writes something. CUT TO COMMERCIAL?!?!?

Alice shows Frank pics of Alex meeting Santo by the fence, and tells him Alex is weak now, so Frank can use it to his advantage.

Santo’s written three words in Spanish on the pad. “What the hell does this say?” asks Hodges. “It says, ‘Kiss my ass.'” Both Santo and Alex are excused, and as Santo leaves his room, he looks in the envelope containing the lab results. It’s empty. He steals the pen. “Oye Como Va” starts to play (so help me …), and Alex and Santo slow-mo strut out of the building, while Hodges says he wants to find Miguel.

Now Alex and Frank are watching football. Cop-voiced cop comes into the house carrying ribs, and says “I hope you won’t break tradition — I still have a crappy tv.” Since he’s brought ribs, all is forgiven. He sits down and says there’s a discrepancy between the phone records and Alex’s story: Alex says he was with Santo until 3am on the 4th of July, but his cellphone record says Santo called him at 1:30. Alex starts to sweat, but Frank jumps in and saves his butt with an ingenious lie. Now Alex owes him.

Alex and Santo are fishing, and Alex says he’s worried that the cops’ll find Miguel, or that Miguel will come back in an innertube and tell the cops everything, since Cuba’s only 90 miles away. Santo says he’s had Miguel taken care of. It pays to be in a bad-ass Cuban gang.