Ellen and Iggy: If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Put A Sad Lookin’ Kid On The Air.

Let’s see where we are, here on Day Three of Iggy-gate.

Iggy … ‘member Iggy?…

There he is! So cute in his little T-shirt! No wonder everyone is fighting over him.

Iggy … has been placed with another family. Who hopefully live in rural Kansas and will not let him watch TV, use the Internet or read the tabloids until he is old enough to understand.

Meanwhile, his first mother, Ellen …’member Ellen? …

There she is!

…doesn’t want to talk about it any more. Ellen doesn’t want to talk about anything anymore. So she’s taken her show off the air until Tuesday.

So who is talking? Ruby.


Ruby. Kid with the messy closet and Snow White suitcase, who was apparently Iggy’s preteen Mother #2 before Mutts & Moms discovered Mother #1 sent him to live with relative relatives and cried foul. Because Mutts & Moms cannot condone preteen motherhood of very small Iggies.

That’s them below, plus what appears to be maybe Ruby’s sister. In a T-shirt that looks alarmingly like it has Iggy’s fuzzy countenance on the front.

Now I know some serious pet lovers … I am one myself. But I don’t know a one with a shirt with their pet’s face on it. Nice touch.

Anyway, with Ellen off the record, 12-year-old Ruby took up the cause, giving interviews to Good Morning America and Inside Edition, while at the same time TMZ.com released the first look at how Iggy-gate all went down.

Er, wait.

They have another dog.

Yes they do. Right there. There. Behind your hand, girl in the Iggy shirt, now zipped up under a hoodie, maybe so Emergency Back-up, Not-Iggy dog won’t see and get an even worse inferiority complex than he probably has right now …


Fer the love of ducks, they have another dog. Little Ruby is not sleeping alone in her puppy-less bed, after all. No wonder Ellen hasn’t taken half the blogosphere’s advice to salve the family’s wounds with another dog. They already have another dog. He’s cute too. And little. And apparently no worse for wear.

Well what now?

It can only be a matter of time till Iggy’s birth mother comes out of the shadows to claim him.

Click here to see the American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ official statement on the controversy.

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