ANTM: It’s Time for the Cryin’

Oh yes, my friends, it’s time to start talking America’s Next Top Model. Why now, you may ask? Hasn’t the show been on for a couple of weeks?

Yes, yes it has. But that, my friends, was a warm up to what is arguably, consistently, the best episode of America’s Next Top Model every season: the makeover episode. I mean, really, do you EVER remember the first couple of girls who get knocked out of the competition? I know I watch repeats on VH1 & say to myself: “Oh, yeah, that’s the one who got the boot first.” Sad, but true.

This is the episode where at least one ‘model’ has the obligatory meltdown. This is generally the girl who says things like “I don’t care — they can cut off all my hair. I’m a model!” and “I’d do anything to win this competition!” Cut to the “after” image of same girl with about 1 inch of hair left. Cut to the horrified face. Cut to the “before” getting in the chair meltdown, the in chair meltdown, and the out of the chair sniveling and anger. Aahhhh — I love it.

If you can’t wait until tonight’s episode, you can always catch a preview at Zap2it. There’s a weird moment when Tyra’s voice-over was re-recorded using someone else’s voice. You should check it out — the other voice doesn’t sound anything like Tyra.

Then, come on back to the blog tonight for our first Cycle 9 America’s Next Top Model recap. Stay tuned.