NFL Network Gives You Total Access To The Season’s Worst Game

NFL Network is probably my favorite cable channel, but it seems it’s falling on hard times these days. Most big cable companies are still refusing to carry it, and it even rented away its best show, NFL Game of the Week, to ION (!) this season.

And NFL Net couldn’t even catch a break this past weekend when it decided to make Sunday’s Ravens-49ers game — a miserable crapfest the Ravens won 9-7 — a special “Mic’d Up” game. NFL Net added 12 extra cameras to this game and put microphones on 10 players and coaches to bring us Ravens at 49ers: NFL Mic’d Up airing Saturday, Oct. 13 at 8pm ET.

The last time NFL Net attempted this, they got two Sports Emmy nominations for a Jets-Ravens overtime game they Mic’d Up in 2004. This time, they got Trent Dilfer.

“You get to experience the game on the field, on the sideline and in the coaches’ booth the way the players and coaches do,” said NFL Films President Steve Sabol. “It is an unfiltered look into the heart of the game. You hear the planning and you feel the passion.”

“The access we had to the Ravens and 49ers will result in a terrific show,” said NFL Vice President of Programming Charles Coplin. “This show exemplifies our mission of bringing the NFL players and coaches closer to our fans.”

Yes, if by “passion” they mean 163 total net yards for San Francisco and by “terrific show” they mean three Matt Stover field goals…

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  1. By “passion” I think they mean Aaron Rowand. No wait, I’m thinking of “the fire and the passion.”

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