Re-Crippling Joe — A "Family Guy" Recap

Posted by Sarah

When your wives and girlfriends invade the Drunken Clam, it’s time to find a new hangout. Or build a new one. By ripping off an entire side of your house and using the materials to slap together a shack called the “Quahog Men’s Club.” Somehow, the women are undeterred, and show up at the shack to dance the night away.

When Bonnie chooses to sit next to Joe instead of dancing with everyone else, Joe feels like his handicap is holding her back and decides he needs a leg transplant. Turning down the mermaid legs, Big Bird legs, and little kid legs offered him at the doctor’s office, he chooses the perfect pair for his body and goes under the knife while his surgeon watches an instructional video. The surgery is a success, and Joe’s got fully functional legs again. Hilariously, hospital policy dictates that he must leave the building in a wheelchair.

His newfound freedom turns Joe into an athletics-obsessed jerk who eventually ditches his old friends in favor of a gang of jocks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then leaves Bonnie, telling her to “keep the kid” the way someone else might say “keep the change.” Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland decide that the only way to fix everything is to re-cripple Joe.

They try to jump him at his house, but he kicks their asses for 5 whole minutes before Bonnie comes in with a gun and tries to shoot Joe in the spine. Instead, she hits his butt, arms, foot and ear, prompting Joe to take the gun from her and shoot his own spine.

All is once again right with the world.


  • Cleveland ripping on Scrubs, “They always cut away for some bullcrap.” (cut to Hitler juggling fish on a unicycle)
  • Mayor McCheese in Joe’s doctor’s office, getting turned down for plastic surgery
  • A commercial for the new FOX show Who Wants to Marry Corky From “Life Goes On”?
  • Judas and Pontius Pilate forging a new friendship and skipping off into the sunset while The Brady Bunch‘s “It’s a Sunshine Day” plays in the background
  • After Joe introduces all of his new jock friends by name, Cleveland asks, “Is Portland the black guy?” Yes, Portland is the black guy.

Good stuff, there. I give it 7.5 out of 10.