“My Name Is Earl”: Gangs Of Camden County

“The Gangs of Camden County” finds Earl asked to the warden’s (Craig T. Nelson) office. The warden heard about Earl’s helping out Camden Scout Glenn get paroled, and now the warden wants Earl to help settle the dispute between the Latin gang (led by Hector) and the black gang (led by Jamal). Earl will get a month off his sentence if he can intercede in the gang war.

It seems that Jamal and Hector were once put in confinement together for a month to settle their differences. But not only did Jamal and Hector make peace, they became secret lovers. But since their release from solitary, they’re afraid to let their gangs know about their forbidden love, so they let the violence continue, taking advantage of a brawl’s mayhem to sneak in some romance.

Jamal is tired of keeping their relationship a secret, but Hector knows that his crew will never accept Jamal. Jamal feels scorned, and the gang violence intensifies instead of subsides. Eventually, Hector can’t stand being without Jamal, and he runs headlong into an electrified fence. Jamal saves Hector by pulling him off the fence (and pretends to beat him up). But there’s peace between the gangs afterward, and Hector and Jamal occasionally get to use the warden’s office for, uh … negotiating.

Randy, who stole a car late in the last episode, still can’t get arrested after three days. Slapping a cop does the trick — Randy spends some time in jail, but is disappointed it’s not the same jail Earl is in. Discovering the best way to get into Earl’s prison might be to become a prison guard, Randy takes the prison guard test. He scores a 55 percent (the highest score all year!) and his cholesterol test was off the charts! Randy gets to be a prison guard and is reunited with his brother.

PS: Does Randy write “Randy Winfrey” all over his notebook because he’s daydreaming he’s Oprah Winfrey’s husband, or is it because he simply can’t remember his name?

Stuff We Learned:

This Unit Has Been Assault Free For 0 Days

It takes a week to remove an arm with nail clippers.

Friends don’t let friends shiv.

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day is not a good idea at a prison.

People need guardin’.

Joy does, in fact, have a big rack.

Wisdom From Randy: Lucky is not a color.

Crab Man Chronicles: Again, not much Darnell this week. His highlight had to be observing that Randy has the reflexes of “a snake in winter.”

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  1. The “reflexes of a snake in winter” was funny. The “I’m going to slap you!” heads-up with the slow motion hand moving toward Randy … good stuff.

    I’m still a little torn with this season, though. I think the show is suffering from Earl being confined to prison. I’m getting a little bored with the prison humor.

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