“American Gladiators” Update: Hulkamania Returns

Posted By RabbitEars

Well, the ’80s are officially back following today’s announcement from NBC that legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan is going to host the new incarnation of American Gladiators, coming to the network midseason. (For you youngsters, Hogan is the musclebound blond hulk not at the bottom of this page.)

According to Craig Plestis, executive vice president of Alternative Programming, Development and Specials at NBC, “There is no one more qualified to host this program” than Hogan. I don’t know; maybe they didn’t see Larry Csonka’s work when he hosted for a time during the early ’90s. And somewhere, original host and Monday Night Football castoff Joe Theismann is sobbing over yet another lost hosting gig.

Plestis goes on to gush, “Hulk Hogan is an American icon. For over 20 years he has been a symbol of strength and toughness in all facets of entertainment. His electrifying personality will no doubt inspire Herculean efforts from our everyday challengers.”

Furthering along the ass-kissing is Gladiators executive producer Howard T. Owens: “Hulk Hogan is going to rock the American viewing public as the host! This is the ultimate television vehicle for the ultimate action television star, The Hulk!” I don’t think even 11-year-old boys got this excited during the height of Hulkamania.

Hogan’s comments were brief, yet uninsightful: “Gladiator-mania is gonna be running wild, brother.”

We’ll see if Hogan really does know best by taking this gig.