Dexter vs. Doakes

Posted by: Elaine B

When last we saw our favorite antihero, Dexter was absorbed in the fantasy of being hailed as a hero by the citizens of Miami for dispatching the Ice Truck Killer. This season takes up where the last left off, with Dexter in a funk and missing his brother who, with no adherence to the Code of Harry, might have been the ideal person to dispatch Dexter’s ongoing headache, Sergeant Doakes, who is stuck on Dex like a duck on a junebug.

We can surmise that, in the case of Doakes, it takes a killer to see a killer. Last year Doakes gunned down an unarmed Haitian who Doakes knew had brutally killed his countrymen during the time that Doakes had been part of the Special Ops forces stationed in Haiti. Knowing his background, LaGuerta gave him a pass and closed the investigation. In Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter novels, Dexter refers to his killing compulsion as “my dark passenger.” Apparently, he isn’t the only one traveling in a mental HOV lane.

In a recent interview for Channel Guide Magazine, I asked Erik King, who plays Doakes, if the day might come when Doakes realizes Dexter’s true nature and says, in essence, “You go, Dex!”

“I can envision,” he told me, repeating the phrase for emphasis. “I can envision that Doakes would find out the truth, but whether he’d say, ‘You go, Dex!’ remains to be seen.”

So the questions for the season may be: Is Dexter a sicko, or a hero? Is he a monster, or as human as the rest of us? And will Doakes discover the truth? If he does, will he try to take Dexter down or give him a high five?

I would go for the high five, because I think they are spiritual kin. Besides, every hero, no matter how flawed, deserves a sidekick.

But would the twist add to the drama or divert from Dex being the lovable loner that he is?

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