Who Wants To Make A Man Date With "Cavemen" and "Carpoolers"?

Posted by Mike

Hey, guys, ABC was just wondering — if you’re not doing anything on Tuesday nights — would you maybe want to go on a “man date”? Turns out, the alphabet network just realized that all of its other shows are “for chicks,” so they’ve decided to make a night of television just for men. So, on Tuesdays, instead of being subjected to the Emmy-winning shows — such as Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives — that litter the other nights on ABC’s schedule, men will be treated to Cavemen and Carpoolers. Yeah, um, thanks. But the kicker is the way ABC has decided to court its target demographic — by way of a cheese-rock ode to testosterone and mindless comedy. One would think this idea would have died at some point between its conception and its execution, but … well, here it is. By the way, Cavemen and Carpoolers premiere Oct. 2, so start making alternate plans now.