Notre Dame At Michigan: The Battle Of Who Stinks Less

I’m pretty sure that this isn’t what ABC had in mind when they scheduled the Notre Dame at Michigan game on national TV (Saturday at 3:30pm ET). Both teams are 0-2 after Michigan was upset by Appalachian State and then got pummeled 39-7 by Oregon (both losses at home), and now they’ll be without QB Chad Henne. Notre Dame lost to Georgia Tech and Penn State by a combined score of 64-13. Touchdown Jesus is not pleased.

This is the first time in history both teams have been 0-2 at the same time. Both teams’ seasons are wrecked, but one team is going to walk away from this game 0-3 and the other team is going to walk away saying, “At least we’re not [the losing team].”

Though the game could be a suckfest, I doubt ABC is regretting it. This game is going to do big TV ratings and get a lot of media attention. It’s like watching Britney at the MTV VMAs: You know it’s going to be bad, but you can’t turn away. Train-wreck TV isn’t just limited to VH1 and the Coreys. Damn straight I’m going to be watching it, right after I watch the truly spectacular Wisconsin vs. The Citadel matchup on the essential Big Ten Network.

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