High School Musical vs. The World

Alexander the Great couldn’t pull it off. Napoleon failed. Hitler — close, but no cigar.

All of these would-be-world conquerors have nothing on the phenomenon that is High School Musical, which has pretty quickly, and rather insidiously, enveloped the planet. Its latest sequel, High School Musical 2, recently shattered cable records in America and now looks to take over other international markets.

Just in case you feel you have not fully lived the High School Musical experience — even though you have seen the films, attended the concerts, read the books, watched the ice show, continue to dab a little High School Musical cologne behind your ears each morning and even sing into your High School Musical karaoke/duffel bag — then you may want to make your travel plans to follow High School Musical 2 on its world tour as it premieres on Disney Channel’s various international networks. Grab your passports, and write down these premiere dates for when HSM2 invades foreign shores:

September 21: United Kingdom

September 22: Australia/New Zealand and Germany

September 23: Mexico and most of Central and South America

September 24: Taiwan

September 25: France

September 29: Italy, Portugal, Spain

October 5: Scandinavia, Turkey, South Africa, Poland, Middle East

October 7: Brazil

October 13: Japan

December 9: India

And, eventually, eons from now, when the Disney Channel signals currently shooting off the Earth eventually reach some inhabited world far beyond our solar system, HSM2 may very well begin its interstellar conquest, as well.