“The Kill Point” Countdown: Extra Webisode Action!

Followers of The Kill Point will want to head over to Spiketv.com for a series of webisodes which tell the story of Deke, the getaway car driver who escaped Market Square on foot. You’re not going to get any huge reveals in the webisodes, just some extra side-story stuff that might help fill in some of the gaps in the TV series.

I’m curious to see exactly what Deke and the posse of ex-soldier buddies he rounded up at the end of Episode 1 plan on doing. Are they going to launch an assault on the cops? Are they going to bust into the bank and stand in solidarity with Wolf and the other guys? Probably not. If Wolf could contact Deke, he’d probably tell him how to best screw with Cali — and that would be by kidnapping Cali’s wife. Just a prediction. No insider knowledge here.

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