8 Questions With … Marisa Coughlan

Minnesota native Marisa Coughlan takes time out from flipping her house to fill us in on the quirky new series Side Order of Life, premiering July 15 on Lifetime.

1. What’s the strangest fan encounter you’ve ever had?

Marisa Coughlan: Probably recently, with this house flipping thing. I literally have never looked scarier or felt scarier than in the last month. Every time I go out the door I’m covered in grime and headed to Home Depot, and it’s always at those moments when I’m recognized.

2. You’re in front of a magazine rack that has everything. What do you grab?

I’m definitely boycotting the Us Weeklys out there. I’m sure a bath and kitchen renovation magazine.

3. You can only have three shows on your TV. What are they?

It’s kind of anticlimactic, but probably Grey’s Anatomy, The Daily Show and Flip That House. I actually was going to be [on Flip That House], but then I realized that you don’t get anything out of it! So I decided, “I’m going to make my own reality show! Forget them!”

4. Would you be on any other reality show?

Only if I was producing it — only if I had control!

5. When was the last time you were starstruck?

I guess I’m not very starstruck! Can that be my answer? I will say one thing; I did [recently see] Carson Kressley, and I have never seen someone be so clever and on-their-feet and charismatic in my life. They showed a clip of [his new Lifetime series How to Look Good Naked], and oh, my God. First they showed the clip, and he’s so quick and funny, but also sweet — and then he got up and just riffed based on what had happened in the last 10 minutes! I was just like, “If I could channel that brilliance …” I get so nervous onstage, and this guy was like a one-man show that had 600 people in stitches. I was starstruck that day, totally not at all based on worshipping him in advance of that day — but now I kind of worship him. It must be fun to go through life being that funny.

6. What do you usually do when you’re back home in Minnesota?

Honestly, I’m so mellow when I go there; I go out on my cousin’s boat and we just kind of spend the day relaxing and having a few cocktails in the beautiful summer heat there, and that is what I miss the most when I’m [in L.A.]. Oceans are amazing, but there’s no lakes!

7. Jason Priestley plays your fiancé on “Side Order”; were you a “Beverly Hills, 90210” fan?

I was! When you grow up [watching] a show for 10 years, and then all of a sudden cut to yourself working with the star of the show, it’s funny! It’s a piece of our generation’s history, and he’s a great person to work with because he is just as seasoned a professional as you could be without being jaded or [having] any of the negatives that typically come with that.

8. So, Brandon or Dylan?

I’m going to say Brandon, of course!