Tales From TCA: More Fun With Cable

More announcements from the cable portion of TCA:


* Sunday Best — Premieres Oct. 2. A nationwide search for America’s next great gospel singer. The top contestants will be coached by great performers from the gospel and secular music worlds as they try to win the title, along with prizes for themselves, their churches and their communities.

* Exalted! — Premieres Oct. 2. A biography series that profiles various ministers from around the country, going beyond the public image to reveal the human side of these men and women.

* American Gangster 2 — Premieres Oct. 4. Second season of the series that looks at some of black America’s most notorious crime figures.

* College Hill Interns — Premieres in October. A spinoff of the popular College Hill series follows eight students as they move to Chicago for summer internships and juggle professional responsibilities with the temptations that a new city holds out before them.

* Keyshia Cole 2: The Way It Is — Premieres in October. The reality series is back for another season as it follows the singer’s career, and her efforts to rebuild her strained relationship with her mother and search to find her supposedly dead father.

* BUFU — Premieres Nov. 13. Orlando Jones and Ali LeRoi (Everybody Hates Chris) are behind this new animated sketch comedy series.

* BET Hip-Hop Awards — Nov. 15.

* Living the Life of Marley — Premieres this fall on BET J. A reality series following the life of Bob Marley’s son Ky-Mani Marley as he prepares to launch a new album, and the entire Marley family clan as cameras follow them about their everyday lives.


* Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style — Premieres Sept. 6. The style expert leads fashion-challenged women on an emotional journey to unearth their personal style in their new series.

* Better Half — Premieres in October. New series that gives trained professionals two days to train their spouse/partner in their craft in order to beat them in a final challenge in that event.

* Queer Eye: The Final Season — Premieres this fall. The series ends its four-year run with 10 new episodes, including a premiere episode featuring a “Straight Guy Pageant” hosted by Susan Lucci.


* Dale — Premieres Sept. 4. The only authorized film on racing legend Dale Earnhardt is narrated by Paul Newman and features rare footage to illustrate his impact on the racing world and beyond.

* CMT Giants: Hank Williams Jr. — Premieres in November. A two-hour special honoring the legendary performer.


* Planet in Peril — Premieres Oct. 23-24. Two-part documentary about the threats to the world’s environment. Anderson Cooper, Jeff Corwin and Dr. Sanjay Gupta report. The network’s first high-definition documentary, coming on the heels of the early fall launch of CNN HD.


* The United States of Tara — In development. From DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg, a comedy about a mother with multiple personality syndrome. Currently casting for the main character.


* Dr. Steve-O — Premieres Oct. 1. Jackass alum Steve-O, disgusted at the alarming number of wussified men in America, travels around the country to offer extreme attitude adjustments and shock these guys out of their shells.

* Law & Order: Criminal Intent — Premieres Oct. 4. The series moves from NBC to USA Network as it begins its seventh season, with Alicia Witt joining the cast as Mike Logan’s new partner.


* VH1 Hip Hop Honors — Premieres Oct. 8. The fourth annual salute to the pioneers and legends of the genre.

* The Salt ‘N Pepa Show — Premieres Oct. 15. Push it! The ladies attempt to reunite on and off stage in this reality series.

* Seven Ages of Rock — Premieres Dec. 17 on VH1 Classic. A seven-part series exploring the story of rock music and its various genres.

WE tv

* Rescue Mediums — Premieres Sept. 8. Two acclaimed international psychics contact ghostly inhabitants of haunted homes and businesses in this reality series.