Tales From TCA — July 12 (Cable Day 1)

More announcements from TCA:


* Side Order of Life — Premieres Sunday. A young magazine photographer (Marisa Coughlan) rethinks her life and impending marriage after receiving a “wake-up call from the universe.” Jason Priestley co-stars in the original series.

* State of Mind — Premieres Sunday. Lili Taylor plays a therapist whose personal problems rival those of her patients and discovers her husband is cheating on her with their marriage counselor.

* America’s Psychic Challenge — Premieres Oct. 12. Amateur psychics compete to see whose abilities are the greatest.

* How to Look Good Naked — Premieres January 2008. Queer Eye’s Carson Kressley hosts this version of Britain’s hit reality series that tries to teach women of all shapes and sizes how to love their bodies without resorting to extreme measures like crash diets or cosmetic surgery.

* Racing for Time — Premieres 2008. Charles S. Dutton directs and stars in this story of a male prison guard who creates an unconventional sports program for some of the most violent offenders at a juvenile correctional facility in an attempt to teach them teamwork, discipline and self-esteem.


* nip/tuck — Season 5 premieres in October. After moving their plastic surgery business from Miami to Los Angeles, Sean and Christian struggle for success in a city where they are unknown.

* Damages — Premieres July 24. Glenn Close plays one of the nation’s most revered and reviled high-stakes litigators in this new series that also stars Ted Danson and Rose Byrne.


* Taboo — Season 4 premieres Aug. 8; sneak preview Aug. 5

* Dog Whisperer — Season 4 premieres Sept. 7

* Inside the Living Body — Premieres Sept. 16. From the makers of the In the Womb specials, a cutting-edge, inner look at our bodies and why they do the things they do, as seen through the story of one “everywoman’s” journey from birth to old age.

* Secret History of the Bra — Premieres Sept. 28. The evolution of this intimate apparel that has gone from boiling cauldrons to become a $16 billion-a-year industry.

* Incredible Human Machine — Premieres Oct. 21. Wanna see real-time measurement of Steven Tyler’s vocal chords? It’s here, along with other looks at the ordinary and extraordinary inner workings of the human body.


* Pinochet’s Last Stand — Premieres Sept. 11. An original movie based on the true story of the former Chilean dictator’s surprise arrest for crimes against humanity in 1998 while undergoing surgery on a London vacation. Derek Jacobi stars.

* PU-239 — Premieres this fall. Original film about a nuclear plant worker in 1995 post-Soviet Russia who becomes exposed to a deadly dose of radiation during a disaster. With just days to live, he tries to provide for his family by stealing a small amount of plutonium and attempting a quick sale in Moscow. Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney are among the executive producers.

* Taking Chance — Premieres in 2008. Kevin Bacon stars in the first-person account of Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, chronicling his journey as the volunteer military escort officer who is assigned to accompany the body of 19-year-old Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps, who was killed in action in Iraq, across America back to his hometown in Wyoming.

* Einstein and Eddington — Premieres in 2008. With Andy Serkis (best known as Gollum in Lord of the Rings) as Einstein, and David Tennant (Dr. Who) as Eddington, this film takes a closer look at the biggest scientific breakthrough of the 20th century: the creation of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

* John Adams — Premieres spring 2008. Tom Hanks co-executive produces this miniseries adaptation of David McCullough’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the legendary founding father. With Paul Giamatti as John Adams, Laura Linney as Abigail Adams, Stephen Dillane as Thomas Jefferson, Danny Huston as Samuel Adams and Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin.

* The Pacific — Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg co-executive produce this companion piece to their outstanding Band of Brothers. This 10-hour miniseries focuses on three U.S. Marines, whose experiences in the Pacific embody the unique nature of that theater of World War II, and dramatize how profoundly it differed from the European front. Filming begins this summer in Australia.

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