Working On My “Night” Moves, Round 6

After two days of 4th of July celebrations, I might be nursing an unfortunate badminton injury (Playing badminton in flip flops, on a driveway? Not the greatest idea. Just a little tip, from TVita to you.), but I’m still here to share some more of my day on the General Hospital: Night Shift set!

Today, get to know more about new doc on the block Dominic Rains. From his “heady” thoughts on Justin Timberlake’s movies to the head-scratching “condiment question” and so much more, Dominic weighs in.

What’s on your TiVo?
I don’t have a TiVo! I hardly watch TV. I was very athletic as a kid, so I didn’t pay too much attention to reading and watching movies. I make that a point now, when I’m at home and not working or in the gym, I like to read as much as I can. I try to keep up with reading and current events — and watching movies. I like to get an old flick and a new flick. Recently, I got Midnight Cowboy and Alpha Dog. [Alpha Dog] had an effect on me, because I went to a high school where I had a lot of friends end up in prison. The characters remind me of people that went to my school; I knew a lot of people — girls and guys both — who got into a lot of trouble. They’re good-hearted people who just get swayed … but I’m getting a little heady!

How about something less serious — What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
I’m not a big fan of too many blockbuster flicks these days, but I did go to see Spider-Man 3. For what it was worth — when you watch movies, or talk to humans … it’s good to have your own opinions, but in order to understand somebody else and to understand where they’re coming from and to not be judgmental, it’s always good to step outside of what we’ve created — the barriers and expectations, obligations as far as the knowledge that we’ve gained along the road — and fully understand what it is that [this movie or person] is telling you.

[Laughs]. What I mean is, when I watched Spider-Man 3, I could not be who I am. I couldn’t be Dominic watching, because then I’d sit there and say, “OK, this is cheesy,” or “What is this?” But when I stood outside of it and took it for what it was worth, it was beautiful. It had some great things and some very positive messages. If I was a kid, I would’ve been in love with that film.

You’re at a newsstand that sells every magazine — which three do you pick?
Popular Mechanics, Time and Playboy. I’m a big fan of cars, [and] I’ve always loved technology. I’ve always wanted the latest gadgets. I am growing out of that, but I guess when you’re a little rough on money, you kind of sway yourself out of that mode.

Do you have a favorite sports team?
As of now, the first thing that comes to my head would be the Mavericks. I had a childhood in London; I was there for six years, and futbol — soccer — was our thing. Back then, it would’ve been Manchester United. I was a big fan of that, and then I came out here and all the kids were playing football and basketball.

So you were a “hooligan,” then?
I’ve always been a hooligan! That’s why [acting is] a great thing for me; I can kind of be out there, and have a director to say, “Tone it down a little,” instead of being sent to the principal’s office or getting kicked out of school.

What’s your favorite condiment?
Not ketchup, not mustard … wow, that’s a really interesting question! The condiment question … Well, I’m Persian, and we have all different kinds of side dishes. I’ll throw this out there because I used to love going to Whole Foods; you can go to their sandwich bar and get a really good sandwich for six bucks. So I would say a pesto mayo or a spicy mustard or a tomato aioli. And I’m always a fan of balsamic vinegar and oil.

There you have it, Night Shift fans — all you need to know to win over Dr. Leo Julian (or at least the actor who plays him): A good sandwich, futbol on the telly, and some deep conversation. Snap to it!

Coming soon, my interview with Jason Morgan himself, Steve Burton. Also, the countdown has officially begun: Only one week until the premiere of General Hospital: Night Shift!