You’re Invited To The “Shaq’s Big Challenge” Premiere Party!

Among the detritus of summer throwaway reality series season is a true gem of a show: Shaq’s Big Challenge premiering June 26 at 9pm ET on ABC. If you saw the May issue of Channel Guide Magazine, you know of our love of all things Shaquille O’Neal — especially any of his endeavors off the basketball court. In Shaq’s Big Challenge, the Miami Heat big man will help transform six obese, sedentary middle-school students in Florida into healthy, active youngsters. (ESPN’s Page 2 has an interview with Shaq about the show.)

So it would be a great disservice to civilization if we did not celebrate Shaq’s latest tour de force. We’re going to start by holding our own online premiere party on June 26, so come back here at 9pm ET on Tuesday and we’re going to live blog during the show.

We have no idea where this train is going, but we’re taking it anyway. God bless Shaq.

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