8 Questions With … Gabrielle Anwar

1. What Has Been Your Strangest Fan Encounter?

Gabrielle Anwar: I don’t have a fan [base], per se. I don’t know … I don’t do that. I will on occasion meet someone who is convinced that they went to college with me; some sort of familiarity.

2. You’re At A Magazine Rack And Can Pick Three Magazines. What Are They?

I would probably grab Period Homes, which is a British publication; it’s very hard to find at newsstands. Then followed by Mothering magazine, and then I might pick up and look in something like W magazine to see all the clothes that I’m not wearing! [laughs]

3. Do You Have A Favorite Sports Team?

Sports … I don’t do sports, either.

4. When Was The Last Time You Were Starstruck?

[I’m] not really [starstruck]. My father [film editor Tariq Anwar] is in this business, and I grew up around celebrities. So I just thought they were narcissistic egomaniacs, and it wasn’t appealing!

5. If Your TV Only Carried Three Shows, Which Three Would You Want?

I don’t own one! Without a TV, [watching my new series Burn Notice] is going to be a bit tricky! In fact, even the house I’m leasing in Miami [during filming] doesn’t have a TV, by coincidence.

6. When Was The Last Time You Felt Like Crying?

Last night …

Any Particular Reason?

Out of pure joy …

What Made You So Joyful?

A joyful incident … [laughs]

Can You Elaborate?

Absolutely not! [laughs] I’d cry because I’d wish I hadn’t!

7. Is It True You Once Held The Record As “World’s Fastest Talker”?

Yeah, I can’t seem to get rid of that little tidbit of information. [It was] when I was a child. Honestly, I can’t figure out what it was. I just know that I found myself in the Trocadero in London at the Guinness Book of World Records exhibit. There was a live radio show where they had various people whose specialty is to speak quickly, like auctioneers and sports announcers, and so on. And they had some children there from a drama school, and I was one of them. I don’t quite know what happened. I obviously was possessed by somebody with dreadful verbal diarrhea, and I was able to compete with these experts. And I think I was so bloody nervous I just wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as humanly possible, and I guess that was the record that was broken!

8. Do You Know Who Currently Holds That Record?

Some poor individual who will never be able to let that go!

[It’s another U.K. resident, Steve Woodmore.]

Anwar plays sexy former IRA soldier Fionna in the new USA Network series Burn Notice, premiering June 28.