Waterlogged Ashley Judd: Sexy Or Not Sexy?

So here’s there’s a heated debate brewing around the office in which Cubicle QB’s cubicle resides: Was a rain-soaked Ashley Judd at the Indy 500 Sexy or Not Sexy? I watched the end of the race and remarked to myself how Not Sexy I thought she looked. Here are some more moistened Ashley Judd Sexy/Not Sexy photos.

Johnnysweeptheleg finds a saturated Ashley Judd to be Sexy, but due to his exceedingly low standards (he’s got a thing for Smurfette), I cannot trust his judgment on the matter. A certain female who blogs here seems to think it’s Sexy. But I am still on the fence. I guess I’m going to have to watch the race re-air on ESPN Classic after all. Cripes.

So, you be the judge: Sodden Ashley Judd: Sexy or Not Sexy?

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  1. Ok, the “Here are some more moistened Ashley Judd Sexy/Not Sexy photos” link is NOT flattering to the rain-soaked Judd. If that were the only image I was working with, I would side with the Not-Hotters (I was very careful to spell check ‘Hotters’).

    But the image when clicking on the “a rain-soaked Ashley Judd” lands on the Sexy side of the debate.

    Can we find a third image to break the tiebreaker, perhaps? Because now I’m on the fence, after seeing the Not Hot image. Grrrrrr.

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