“Star Wars,” Ozzy and Bingo

Hey, gang, even though there’s no new Star Wars flick coming out in the foreseeable future, there is still something you can await a countdown for while wearing your Darth Maul costume! The History Channel, taking a break from Hitler and focusing on Vader, is premiering a special on Memorial Day, May 28, at 9pm ET called Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed. The special looks at the influence of the seminal sci-fi film and why it will always remain relevant. Some of the sometimes unexpected folks talking about the movie are Peter Jackson, Newt Gingrich (!?) and, perhaps offering a rebuttal to Gingrich’s views on Jar-Jar Binks, Nancy Pelosi. To help remind you of when the special is airing, History is offering a countdown widget for download to keep track of the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the show arrives. Also included is SW trivia, such as the fact that Imperial stormtrooper helmets included advanced lenses and communication devices; unfortunately, that did not prevent them from getting their asses kicked by Ewoks.

This Saturday at 5pm ET/PT on E!. the latest installment of The E! True Hollywood Story looks at the Osbournes (as in Ozzy) in a two-hour special. Just in from the Stating the Obvious Department: Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi “reveals” that “We were surrounded by drugs all the time, so we’d always be, like, drugged out.”

If the previous show doesn’t satisfy your Ozzy fix this weekend, you’ll want to know that he is also performing on this Friday’s Friday Night SmackDown, on The CW at 8pm ET. He’ll be performing two songs, including one that seems appropriate to the fact that he won’t leave us alone — “I Don’t Wanna Stop,” from his new album Black Rain. It also happens to be the theme song to the upcoming WWE Judgment Day pay-per-view airing this Sunday.

No one would like to see Dr. Phil in a cage more than I would, so when I heard the title of a new CBS special called A Dr. Phil Primetime Special: Caged?, I got my hopes up that the doc might have been forced into a Criss Angel-type escape from an iron box. However, the show turns out to be Phil visiting a prison to confront a father who is accused of aggravated child abuse after he allegedly locked his 9-year-old son away from the world for three years. The interview airs this Friday at 9pm ET/PT.

Get out your good-luck trolls for National Bingo Night, premiering this Friday at 9pm ET on ABC. We touched on this a little in Channel Guide Magazine, but more specific info has now been rolled out. There are contestants and in-studio players, but you folks at home can also play! Go online here and print out game cards. You at home are not competing against the clock; if you get a bingo, you enter the serial number on your card by 6pm ET the Monday following the Friday broadcast. Prizes for at-home players include $50,000 in cash; $10,000 Kmart shopping sprees; cruises to various international destinations; thousands of Kmart gift cards, DVDs, CDs, tickets to TV show tapings and restaurant gift certificates; and “fantasy” prizes to major national sporting and entertainment events (although none of these quite meet my fantasies) such as a trip to the CMA Awards in Nashville and a chance to spend a day at The View. Official rules are on the site.

It’s time to bid farewell to the “king” as CBS’ long-running sitcom The King of Queens comes to an end tonight with the series finale at 9pm ET/PT (a special one-hour episode). Don’t fret, though; I’m sure the show will continue to haunt us in reruns as much as Everybody Loves Raymond.


CBS: How I Met Your Mother (8pm ET/PT); Two and a Half Men (8:30pm ET/PT); CSI: Miami (10pm ET/PT)

The CW: Everybody Hates Chris (8pm ET/PT); All of Us (8:30pm ET/PT); The Game (9:30pm ET/PT)