“Crown Their Ass!” And Other Classics On NFL Network

NFL Network today announced it will be airing a series of classic regular season and postseason games from nearly 70 years worth of televised football. May’s NFL Classics don’t reach back very far, but they’re definitely worth checking out, simply because this is the first time these games have been shown in their entirety on TV since they were played. The series begins this week and airs Thursday nights at 8pm ET. This month’s schedule:

May 10 — Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals (ESPN, 2006). This game is a classic for so many reasons: The Bears’ huge comeback, the Paris Hilton Bowl, the inanity of Tony Kornheiser and Dennis Green’s legendary “Crown their ass!” postgame press conference.

May 17 — Indianapolis Colts vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ABC, 2003). The Bucs led 28-7 entering the 4th quarter, but a kickoff return TD, two Peyton Manning TD passes and a Mike Vanderjagt OT field goal won it for the Colts.

May 24 — Miami Dolphins vs. N.Y. Jets (ABC, 2000). Vinny Testaverde threw four TD passed to lead the Jets to a 41-38 OT comeback victory.

May 31 — Houston Oilers vs. Buffalo Bills (NBC, 1993). Down 35-3 in the AFC wild card game, the Bills executed the biggest comeback in NFL history with a 41-38 OT win. The dramatic comeback allowed the Bills to advance closer to getting crushed in the Super Bowl again.

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  1. When I read that, the sentence ends at “The dramatic comeback allowed the Bills to advance.”

    I can’t wait to have the chance to watch that LEGENDARY comeback one more time!

    Frank Reich in for QB Bills. Andre Reed. Thurman Thomas. The only thing that game was missing, was fullback Jamie Mueller, who had already departed the team.

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