“Pirate Master” Just Got A Whole Lot Better

I had dismissed the new Pirate Master reality series coming to CBS May 31. Unless the show’s “pirates” were accosted by actual pirates, I probably wasn’t going to pay attention. Now my whole worldview and everything has changed.

As reported on Deadspin and The Fanhouse and confirmed by CBS, one of the contestants on Pirate Master is none other than former Kansas City Chiefs running back “The Nigerian Nightmare” Christian Okoye.

About the only thing that could surpass this would be if Donald Igwebuike somehow showed up on Flavor of Love.

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  1. Oh that’s just too great. It’s almost like somebody has been reading my diary and making the things inside come true.

    At this rate, Winnie Cooper, Punky Brewster, Alyssa Milano (pick any of her characters), and Kelly Kapowski will be pillow-fighting on pay per view.

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