18 Hours And 5 Minutes Of Your Life You’ll Never Get Back

Every year I get excited for the NFL Draft, and every year it leaves me with a bit of a “blech” feeling about two hours into it. On Saturday, I got the feeling a little earlier than usual, thanks to Keyshawn Johnson in ESPN’s booth. [Update: It seems the Carolina Panthers felt the same.] It was a beautiful day here, so after I saw Wisconsin’s Joe Thomas taken at No. 3, I decided to let the DVR handle the rest of the first round for me. (A DVR makes the draft so much more tolerable.) I went to the zoo, and got back in time to see the Bears make their first pick. Two major impressions from the draft:

Everyone there in NYC was wearing Virginia Tech lapel pins, and I thought that was a classy tribute. But minutes before the first pick, they trotted out VT football coach Frank Beamer and a few former VT players, and Beamer gave some spiel that seemed so contrived and tacky. And bringing out Michael Vick — who managed to upset lots of people last week — really soured the whole tribute.

Brady Quinn’s slide through the first round was pretty amusing. Perhaps teams were confused by the QB’s somewhat androgynous appearance. Seriously, the dude looked like Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Velvet Goldmine.

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