The Rock Pulls A Stunt, While PBS Seeks More “Lives”

AMC just announced its coverage of the 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards on May 25 at 10:30pm ET. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the 2005 host, returns to headline the festivities. This year, Jeanne Epper becomes the first woman honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Epper’s 50-year career as a stuntwoman includes work on TV series like Wonder Woman and Charlie’s Angels, and such films as Armageddon and Kill Bill: Vol. 2. Also receiving this award is Burt Reynolds, who’s done many of his own stunts in films like Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run. On the more current front, 300’s Gerard Butler is awarded as The Action Movie Star of the Year.

PBS is working on African American Lives 2, the follow-up to the successful special that researched the histories of black celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Chris Tucker back to their family roots in Africa. This time, Harvard scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. is looking for one select “regular person” whose roots will be traced. The chosen African American will have his or her roots mapped through DNA analysis and genealogical research. To be considered, visit the show’s website and submit your application. Applications must be received by 6pm ET on May 4, or they will not be considered.

If you can’t get enough telenovelas, you’ll be happy to hear that Azteca America is debuting a new one this Monday. Se Busca un Hombre is about a successful businesswoman who appears to have it all, until she finds out that her husband is secretly seeing another woman. The soap will air weekdays at 9pm ET.

All you ballers out there might want to check out a new BET series premiering tomorrow night, appropriately called Ballers. The show is billed as “a night out with the boys” as it talks sports in a sexy club setting. John “Best Damn Sports Show” Salley hosts, and is joined by NFL Pro Bowler Hugh Douglas and comedian Guy Torry. Of course, a sexy club wouldn’t be complete without a lovely lady, and Deal or No Deal’s Claudia Jordan is on hand, for no real specified reason other than to “enhance the club’s party vibe.” DJ Rashida works the turntables. The only thing missing for the true club experience is Pacman Jones raining bills down upon the women.

Beginning today, America’s Most Wanted is giving you the chance to vote online for America’s Most Wanted All-Star. The final list comes from hundreds of nominations submitted by folks who want to give recognition to the first responders who help them every day. You can vote at the show’s website through May 8.

This Sunday at 7pm ET/PT on The CW, if you happen to notice a different style of direction of the episode of Seventh Heaven (if you ever happen to notice direction at all on the fairly vanilla series), it may be because the cast and crew was taking orders from none other than Jason Priestley, who was at the helm of the episode “Some Break-Ups and Some Get-Togethers.” Hmmm … almost sounds like it could have been an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.