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October 2008

George A. Romero Discusses The Making — And The Meaning — Of The Living Dead.

The main bad zombie is looking for you in Land Of The Dead
The main bad zombie is looking for you in Land Of The Dead

Oh, those pesky zombies! At a time when our country was rocked by Vietnam protests, they terrified us in the low-budget splatterfest Night of the Living Dead (1968), then dropped out of sight for a decade before returning to attack rampant American consumerism in Dawn of the Dead (1978) and to devour some scientists in Day of the Dead (1985). Recently, with our country again caught up in a divisive war, they came lumbering back to take on the ivory tower powers-that-be in Land of the Dead (2005) and add new meaning to the idea of terrorism in Diary of the Dead (2007). more >

EFX Experts Work Their Magic In Fantastic Flesh

Nearly everyone can recall the first monster that scared the bejesus out of them when they were kids. For older folks it’s Boris Karloff in Frankenstein or Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man. For their children it’s Linda Blair’s portrayal of a possessed child in The Exorcist or the nonhuman killing machines seen in Jaws and Alien. And all of these monsters were terrifying because of the magic worked by special effects (EFX) professionals with paste, latex, plastic and a whole lot of creativity. more >

Carla Gugino and Mickey Rourke star in Sin City
Carla Gugino and Mickey Rourke star in Sin City

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Amanda Tapping Loves Her Fans

It’s 4pm in Vancouver and Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping has already put in a full day on the set. After our interview, she’ll be heading back to work for a few more hours. This type of schedule has been par for the course for Tapping since she began working as both producer and star of Sanctuary, which premieres Oct. 3 on SCI FI Channel. Still, she gave me plenty of time as we talked about the genre she loves, the fans she adores and the fun of filming in Canada, the country the British-born actress now calls home. more >

January 2008

“Ghost Hunters” Go Global

TAPS are on the hunt for ghosts again.
TAPS are on the hunt for ghosts again.

SCI FI Channel‘s Ghost Hunters series has taken us to plenty of creepy haunted places around the United States. But if we start getting all America-centric and thinking we have a monopoly on things that go bump in the night, Ghost Hunters International is here to show us otherwise with a collection of Continental specters to rival the best we have to offer. more >

October 2007

Timeline of TV Terror

Prehistoric parents likely told scary stories around the family fire, horrific warnings designed to keep their children close to the cave. Soon after Gutenberg created the modern printing press, said press churned out The Poem of the Last Judgment, a lurid piece that must have given Renaissance children nightmares. Early radio broadcasts were filled with scary series like The Shadow, while silent films like Nosferatu scared people at the movies.

Horror also made a very effective transition to the small screen, as demonstrated by this list of the TV shows that have scared us the most. more >

The Scream Awards

The Oscars and Emmys generally tend to ignore horror and science fiction films, but an event this month seeks to finally give those genres their due. Spike and Comic-Con are teaming to bring you Scream 2007, the second annual event that honors the best in horror, sci-fi, fantasy and comic genres from the past year, airing Oct. 23. The movie 300 tops this year’s nominations with 12, followed by Spider-Man 3 and Grindhouse with 11 each. more >

300 racked up 12 2007 Scream Award nominations
300 racked up 12 2007 Scream Award nominations

Lisa Williams Life Among The Dead on Lifetime

I don’t know about you, but the thought of having the gift of “I see dead people” is something I’m not all that upset about being slighted on. Seriously — would you really enjoy having your relaxing bath being interrupted by an aggressive spirit who plunks himself down on your toilet seat and demands to talk? “A bit inappropriate,” muses Lisa Williams, but as a clairvoyant it’s just part of her job. The spunky redheaded Brit returns to Lifetime for a second season of Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, beginning Oct. 12. Here’s what Williams had to share about the new season. more >

Dexter‘s Erik King

Sergeant Doakes obsessing about Dexter
Sergeant Doakes obsessing about Dexter

Fans of Dexter who have also read the novels on which the series is based, Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, know a couple of things about Sergeant Doakes that casual viewers do not. First, “Sergeant” is a nickname, acknowledging his days in Army Special Ops. Second, his first name is Albert — a good reason for a man who is hardly a “call me Al” sort of guy to go with the nickname.

I asked Erik King, who plays Doakes, about his character and the remarkable success of this show. more >

October 2006

Wes Craven

Wes Craven has created some of the scariest movies of all time.
Wes Craven has created some of the scariest movies of all time.

Wes Craven has made an entire generation of moviegoers cringe with such groundbreaking horror films as The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on Elm Street and the darkly humorous Scream series. But Craven never intended to pursue a career making scary movies. As a matter of fact, having been raised in a fundamentalist family in Cleveland, he never even saw any movies at all until he was in his 20s and never saw a horror film until after he made what has become a classic of the slasher genre: The Last House on the Left. more >

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