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Fri, July 25


NBC, 10:01 pm ET

If there's little love for Lowe (Richard Coyle) in Santa Compana to begin with, the situation only gets worse for him in the new episode "Beggarman." Nenna (Tracy Ifeachor) intends to escape, and to do that, she'll have to go through him -- and she fully intends to. Balfour (Peter Stebbings) thinks he's making the right move by striking up a certain partnership, but he and Lowe could both end up dead as a result. John Malkovich also stars.

King of Hearts

TCM, 6:00 pm ET

Near the end of World War I, Scottish soldier Charles Plumpick (Alan Bates) is dispatched to a tiny French town to defuse a deadly bomb left behind by the retreating Germans. What Charles doesn't know is that all the townspeople who welcome him are actually lunatics who have escaped from the nearby asylum, and they cheerfully impede him from carrying out his urgent task. Genevieve Bujold co-stars in Philippe de Broca's whimsical 1966 comedy, which became a massive cult hit when it was released in 1967 to American cinemas, where it resonated powerfully with the anti-war counterculture.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CBS, 8:00 pm ET
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

An unlikely casino winner is found murdered in an alley in "Passed Pawns." The victim was homeless, and an ambitious CSI (guest star Matthew Davis) is teamed with Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) on the case. The dealer (guest star Shannon Lucio) who served the man right before his death becomes a suspect. Russell's (Ted Danson) wife (guest star Peri Gilpin) implores him to retire. Steven Bauer and Illeana Douglas also guest star.

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