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Wed, November 26

The Whale: Revenge From the Deep

ANIMAL, 9:00 pm ET

Martin Sheen stars in this feature based on the true accounts of a haunting story of survival: the sinking of the whaling ship "Essex" in 1820 after being struck by a sperm whale, an event said to have inspired Herman Melville’s classic novel "Moby-Dick." Jonas Armstrong, Adam Rayner and Paul Kaye costar.

Odd Squad

PBS, 9:00 am ET

Olive and Otto are two young agents who use their math skills to solve weird and unusual phenomena. With the help of gadget-guru Agent Oscar and the team’s director, Ms. O, they solve cases ranging from disappearing zeroes to runaway dinosaurs with fun stories and funny skits that appeal to kids ages 5-8. New episodes of the series will air weekdays following this special two-episode premiere.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

ABCFAM, 6:00 pm ET

The remake's got nothing on this delightfully subversive 1971 flick, with its yummy visuals, morality plays and marvelous music. And who could forget those Ooompa-Loompas? Gene Wilder plays the confectioner who offers five kids a tour of his plant and a shot at being chosen his successor. But the winner has to be pure of heart, and four brats are quickly ruled out. That leaves poor but honest Charlie (Peter Ostrum), but Willy has a special test for him.

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The Karate Kid

FXM | 1:00 am

One Direction: This Is Us

ENCFAM | 2:25 am

Shrek Forever After

FXX | 5:00 pm
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