Deepwater Horizon

New to On Demand: Deepwater Horizon

January 10, 2017 Paul Hall 0

Oil. It drives countless industries and provides income for the men and women who search for it. An entire industry thrives in the gulf with jobs for countless residents on the platforms that float on […]


New to On Demand: Snowden

December 27, 2016 Paul Hall 0

Wait … is someone listening to me here or watching through my webcam as I type this review? Does it matter? That’s the question firmly behind the story of Edward Snowden, the whistleblower with access […]


New to On Demand: Storks

December 20, 2016 Paul Hall 0

Have you ever wondered about the life of a stork? In the new animated film Storks, the birds — long thought of as the sole delivery method of baby brothers and sisters everywhere — have […]


New to On Demand: Sully

December 20, 2016 Paul Hall 0

It was a cold morning in January 2009 as US Airways Flight 1549 prepared for takeoff. The flight was scheduled to travel from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, N.C. A seemingly normal morning for […]

Suicide Squad

New To On Demand: Suicide Squad

December 13, 2016 Paul Hall 0

Bad guys are bad guys and good guys are good guys, right? Not totally — in the new film Suicide Squad from director David Ayer, these labels get flipped on their head. U.S. intelligence officer […]

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