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Skin Wars Season 3 premieres tonight!

Skin Wars season 3 judges

Skin Wars season 3 starts tonight, Wednesday April 20 at 10pm Eastern time on GSN. All of the judges from season 1 & 2 are returning: RuPaul Charles, Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina. And of course, host Rebecca Romijn also returns to season 3. Let’s learn a little bit about this season’s artists: In this premiere episode, it looks like the artists will have to paint a costume onto a showgirl-type performer. Each one is wearing a different headdress & that needs to inform the artist’s choices in their paint job. Let’s watch a clip courtesy of GSN: Are you … Continue reading

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Who won Face Off Season 10? A finale recap

The top 3 Face Off Season 10 finale

In this 2-part finale, we find out who won Face Off season 10. But first our artists have to create 2 horror makeups for a short film. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions is happy to be there and will be helping judge the final makeups. There’s a lot of thanking and happiness. Thank you, thank you, happy, happy.¬†Over polite Face Off is my least favorite Face Off. These artists will be working with up & coming directors on a different take on the same story by Christopher Denholm, Hell Hole. Their movies will be set in this random oil field … Continue reading

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Face Off Season 10 Finale preview

House Face Off Season 10 finale

Face Off season 10 is coming to a close with tonight’s episode. Will Melissa, Walter or Rob take the title? As we saw last week, Rob’s screen test ended with him having to re-sculpt everything. Yes, everything. He’s freaking out & I really can’t blame him. Melissa has a medium amount of work – re-doing a chest piece & her victim makeup. Walter appears to be sitting pretty with some minor edits & additions. I think I’m putting my bets on Rob – he’s been consistently strong over the entire season. If he can rally & get a crap ton … Continue reading

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Face Off Season 10 Episode 12 recap: Skull Island

Bread & water Face Off Season 10 episode 12

Face Off season 10 episode 12 sends the final 4 to Skull Island. It’s a cross-promotion for some new theme park at Universal Orlando. Whatever. What follows is an extended commercial for this new theme park – opening Summer 2016! So the actual challenge is to take a creature from Skull Island: Reign of Kong and imagine how that creature would evolve into an intelligent species. Mel is second-guessing herself. Again. She comments on how this is the worst time to be second-guessing herself. But Mel, you’ve been doing it THE ENTIRE SEASON! Why stop now?   Walter is freaking … Continue reading

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