New to On Demand: Logan

May 23, 2017 Paul Hall 0

The tales of Wolverine have been told in a number of X-Men movies. This time around, in the movie Logan, Wolverine is unleashed in an R-rated turn that delivers a sharp and cutting film. Logan […]

Get Out

VOD Spotlight: Get Out

May 23, 2017 Paul Hall 0

When I initially saw the trailers for the new film Get Out, I was intrigued. It looked to be cool melding of comedy and horror from the mind of Jordan Peele. What I got even […]

La la Land

New to On Demand: La La Land

April 25, 2017 Paul Hall 0

Enamored. That was the word after my screening of La La Land from director Damien Chazelle. It was all I could say as I exited the theater. I was enamored. La La Land tells the […]

The Founder

New to On Demand: The Founder

April 18, 2017 Paul Hall 0

Most of us have indulged in McDonald’s at one time or another. But, how many of us know the story behind the story of those legendary “golden arches” and their rollout across America? The Founder, featuring […]

Hidden Figures

New to On Demand: Hidden Figures

April 11, 2017 Paul Hall 0

In the film Hidden Figures, we pull back the curtain to see some of the brave African-American women who worked behind the scenes to put a man into orbit and bring him back home safely. […]

Patriots Day

New to On Demand: Patriots Day

March 28, 2017 Paul Hall 0

The people of Boston celebrate Patriots Day annually. The celebration includes the running of the Boston Marathon and unites this great American city. But on Monday, April 15, 2013, this day would take on a […]

Miss Sloane

New to On Demand: Miss Sloane

March 21, 2017 Paul Hall 0

Washington, D.C., is a place that can swallow those who don’t have a thick skin. Let’s be honest: Many of the biggest decisions aren’t made as simply as voting thumbs up or down on legislation. […]


VOD Spotlight: Sing

March 21, 2017 Paul Hall 0

In the new film Sing, we meet Buster Moon (voice of Matthew McConaughey), a theater-owning koala who is a bit down on his luck. After his latest production fails, putting the theater at risk, he […]


New to On Demand: Jackie

March 7, 2017 Paul Hall 0

The film Jackie takes us inside the head of former first lady Jackie Kennedy. We’ve seen many films come along that explore the environment around the late President John F. Kennedy, but rarely, if ever, […]

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