MLB playoff schedule 2013

MLB playoff schedule 2013: TBS has coverage of the NL Wild Card Oct. 1-2, and TBS and MLB Network share coverage of the Division Series beginning Oct. 3.

MLB Playoff Schedule 2013


MLB tiebreakers 2013: Tampa Bay at Texas TV channel

MLB Wild Card 2013 TV schedule

MLB NLDS TV schedule 2013

MLB ALDS TV schedule 2013

Rookie outfielder Yasiel Puig has been a catalyst for the Los Angeles Dodgers since his June debut, helping the Dodgers get into the position of contending for a World Series. He’s an electrifying player who will get a lot of attention this October. It remains to be seen if that attention is for spectacular play that lifts his team or for immature behavior that sinks it.

The MLB regular season ends Sept. 29, and few races remained to be settled in the last days of September. The Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers and Oakland A’s clinched their division titles in the AL, with the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers in a one-game tiebreaker to face the Cleveland Indians in the Wild Card Game. In the NL, the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals and Dodgers locked up division titles, while the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates — yes, those Pittsburgh Pirates, who haven’t had a playoff appearance or a winning season since 1992 — will end up in the do-or-die Wild-Card playoff game.

The Wild-Card winners advance to the best-of-five-game Division Series beginning Oct. 3 on TBS. The Division Series games return to the usual 2-2-1 format this year, with the division winners playing the first two games and a deciding Game 5 at home. TBS airs the bulk of Division Series games, with additional games Oct. 4 and 7 on MLB Network. The best-of-seven League Championship Series begin Oct. 11, split between TBS (NL) and FOX (AL). The World Series begins Oct. 23 on FOX at the AL champion’s home park, thanks to the Junior Circuit’s 3-0 win over the NL in the All-Star Game. World Series Game 7, if necessary, is scheduled for Oct. 31.

Game 7 wasn’t an issue last year, as the San Francisco Giants declawed the Detroit Tigers in a four-game World Series sweep. The Giants won’t be an issue this year, as they were 17 games back at the time of this writing.

MLB Playoff Schedule at a Glance
Wild-Card Games, TBS (Oct. 1-2)
Division Series, TBS & MLB Network (Beginning Oct. 3)
National League Championship Series, TBS (Beginning Oct. 11)
American League Championship Series, FOX (Beginning Oct. 12)
World Series, FOX (Beginning Oct. 23)

MLB Playoff Schedule 2013

GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
NL Wild CardCincinnati 2, Pittsburgh 6Tue, Oct 1TBS
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
AL Wild CardTampa Bay 4, Cleveland 0Wed, Oct 2TBS
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Game 1Pittsburgh at St. LouisThu, Oct 35:00 PMTBS
Game 2Pittsburgh at St. LouisFri, Oct 41:00 PMMLBN
Game 3St. Louis at PittsburghSun, Oct 6TBDTBS
Game 4*St. Louis at PittsburghMon, Oct 7TBDTBS/MLBN
Game 5*Pittsburgh at St. LouisWed, Oct 9TBDTBS
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Game 1LA Dodgers at AtlantaThu, Oct 38:30 PMTBS
Game 2LA Dodgers at AtlantaFri, Oct 46:00 PMTBS
Game 3Atlanta at LA DodgersSun, Oct 6TBDTBS
Game 4*Atlanta at LA DodgersMon, Oct 7TBDTBS/MLBN
Game 5*LA Dodgers at AtlantaWed, Oct 9TBDTBS
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Game 1Tampa Bay at BostonFri, Oct 43:00 PMTBS
Game 2Tampa Bay at BostonSat, Oct 55:30 PMTBS
Game 3Boston at Tampa BayMon, Oct 7TBDTBS/MLBN
Game 4*Boston at Tampa BayTue, Oct 8TBDTBS
Game 5*Tampa Bay at BostonThu, Oct 10TBDTBS
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Game 1Detroit at OaklandFri, Oct 49:30 PMTBS
Game 2Detroit at OaklandSat, Oct 59:00 PMTBS
Game 3Oakland at DetroitMon, Oct 7TBDTBS/MLBN
Game 4*Oakland at DetroitTue, Oct 8TBDTBS
Game 5*Detroit at OaklandThu, Oct 10TBDTBS
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Game 1LAD at STLFri, Oct 118:30pmTBS
Game 2LAD at STLSat, Oct 124pmTBS
Game 3STL at LADMon, Oct 148pmTBS
Game 4STL at LADTue, Oct 158pmTBS
Game 5*STL at LADWed, Oct 164pmTBS
Game 6*LAD at STLFri, Oct 188:30pmTBS
Game 7*LAD at STLSat, Oct 198:30pmTBS
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Game 1DET at BOSSat, Oct 128pmFOX
Game 2DET at BOSSun, Oct 138pmFOX
Game 3BOS at DETTue, Oct 154pmFOX
Game 4BOS at DETWed, Oct 168pmFOX
Game 5*BOS at DETThu, Oct 178pmFOX
Game 6*DET at BOSSat, Oct 194:30pmFOX
Game 7*DET at BOSSun, Oct 208pmFOX
World Series
GameMatchupDateTime (ET)TV
Game 1NL Champion at AL ChampionWed, Oct 23TBDFOX
Game 2NL Champion at AL ChampionThu, Oct 24TBDFOX
Game 3AL Champion at NL ChampionSat, Oct 26TBDFOX
Game 4AL Champion at NL ChampionSun, Oct 27TBDFOX
Game 5*AL Champion at NL ChampionMon, Oct 28TBDFOX
Game 6*NL Champion at AL ChampionWed, Oct 30TBDFOX
Game 7*NL Champion at AL ChampionThu, Oct 31TBDFOX

*If Necessary

Photo: Credit: John Cordes/Icon SMI/Newscom

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