Little League World Series 2013 TV schedule

Little League World Series 2013 TV schedule: ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC combine to televise the tournament from Williamsport, Pa., Aug. 15-25.

Little League World Series 2013

Held every August since 1947, the Little League World Series brings baseball players ages 11-12 from around the world to South Williamsport, Pa., to compete for the world championship. Action from Williamsport begins Thursday, Aug. 15, at 1pm ET on ESPN with the regional winners competing in a double-elimination round. ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC combine to televise the tournament Aug. 15-25. Japan’s Kitasuna Little League team beat the U.S. champion team from Goodlettsville, Tenn., 12-2 in the final game of the 2012 tournament.

Little League World Series TV schedule from ESPN:

DateTime (ET) / StadiumGame/Commentators Network(s)
Thu, Aug 151 p.m.VolunteerGame 1: Aguadulce, Panama (Latin America) vs. San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico (Caribbean)Dave Flemming, Kyle PetersonESPN, WatchESPN
3 p.m.LamadeGame 2: Corpus Christi, Texas (Southwest) vs. Sammamish, Wash. (Northwest)KarlRavech, Orel Hershiser, Jaymee SireESPN, WatchESPN
5 p.m.VolunteerGame 3: Perth, Australia (Australia) vs. Tijuana, Baja Calif. (Mexico)Flemming, Nomar GarciaparraESPN2, WatchESPN
7 p.m.LamadeGame 4: Nashville, Tenn. (Southeast) vs. Westport, Conn. (New England)Ravech, Hershiser, SireESPN2, WatchESPN
Fri, Aug 161 p.m.VolunteerGame 5: Taoyuan, Chinese Taipei (Asia-Pacific) vs. Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)Flemming, PetersonESPN, WatchESPN


3 p.m.LamadeGame 6: Chula Vista, Calif. (West) vs. Grosse Pointe, Mich. (Great Lakes)Ravech, Garciaparra, SireESPN, WatchESPN


5 p.m.VolunteerGame 7: Tokyo, Japan (Japan) vs. Brno, Czech Republic (Europe-Africa)Flemming, HershiserESPN2, WatchESPN


8 p.m.LamadeGame 8: Newark, Del. (Mid-Atlantic) vs. Urbandale, Iowa (Midwest)Ravech, Garciaparra, SireESPN, WatchESPN
Sat, Aug 1712 p.m. VolunteerGame 9: Gm. 1 Loser vs. Gm. 3 LoserFlemming, PetersonESPN, WatchESPN


3 p.m.LamadeGame 10: Gm. 2 Loser vs. Gm. 4 LoserRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireABC


6 p.m.VolunteerGame 11: Gm. 5 Loser vs. Gm. 7 LoserFlemming, PetersonESPN, WatchESPN


8 p.m.LamadeGame 12: Gm. 6 Loser vs. Gm. 8 LoserRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireESPN, WatchESPN
Sun, Aug 1812 p.m. VolunteerGame 13: Gm. 1 Winner vs. Gm. 3 WinnerFlemming, PetersonESPN2, WatchESPN


2 p.m.LamadeGame 14: Gm. 2 Winner vs. Gm. 4 WinnerRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireABC


5 p.m.VolunteerGame 15: Gm. 6 Winner vs. Gm. 8 WinnerFlemming, PetersonESPN, WatchESPN


7 p.m.LamadeGame 16: Gm. 5 Winner vs. Gm. 7 WinnerRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireESPN2, WatchESPN
Mon, Aug 1911 a.m.VolunteerSportsCenter Jay Crawford, Chris McKendryESPN, WatchESPN


12 p.m.LamadeGame A: Consolation Game – Gm. 9 Loser vs. Game 10 LoserRavech, HershiserESPN2, WatchESPN


2 p.m.VolunteerGame 17: Gm. 16 Loser vs. Gm. 9 WinnerPeterson, GarciaparraESPN, WatchESPN


4 p.m.LamadeGame 18: Gm. 15 Loser vs. Gm. 10 WinnerFlemming, Hershiser, SireESPN, WatchESPN


6 p.m.VolunteerGame 19: Gm. 13 Loser vs. Gm. 11 WinnerCrawford, GarciaparraESPN2, WatchESPN


8 p.m.LamadeGame 20: Gm. 14 Loser vs. Gm. 12 WinnerFlemming, Hershiser, SireESPN2, WatchESPN
Tue, Aug 2011 a.m.VolunteerSportsCenter Crawford, McKendryESPN, WatchESPN


1 p.m.LamadeGame B: Consolation Game – Gm. 11 Loser vs. Gm. 12 LoserFlemming, PetersonESPN, WatchESPN


4 p.m.LamadeGame 21: Gm. 17 Winner vs. Gm. 19 WinnerFlemming, Garciaparra, SireESPN, WatchESPN


8 p.m.LamadeGame 22: Gm. 18 Winner vs. Gm. 20 WinnerFlemming, Hershiser, SireESPN2, WatchESPN
Wed, Aug 214 p.m.LamadeGame 23: Gm. 13 Winner vs. Gm. 16 WinnerRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireESPN, WatchESPN


8 p.m.LamadeGame 24: Gm. 14 Winner vs. Gm. 15 WinnerRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireESPN, WatchESPN
Thu, Aug 224 p.m.LamadeGame 25: Gm. 21 Winner vs. Gm. 23 LoserRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireESPN, WatchESPN


8 p.m.LamadeGame 26: Gm. 22 Winner vs. Gm. 24 LoserRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireESPN2, WatchESPN
Sat, Aug 2412:30 p.m. LamadeGame 27: International ChampionshipRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireABC


3 p.m.LamadeSportsCenterMcKendry, Peterson, SireABC


3:30 p.m. LamadeGame 28: United States ChampionshipRavech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireABC
Sun, Aug 2511 a.m.LamadeGame 29: Third Place Consolation GameMcKendry, PetersonESPN, WatchESPN


1 p.m.VolunteerLittle League Web Gems / World Series Preview McKendry, Peterson, GarciaparraESPN, WatchESPN
3 p.m.LamadeGame 30: World Series Championship  Ravech, Hershiser, Garciaparra, SireABC

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