FIFA U-20 World Cup 2013 schedule on ESPN

FIFA U-20 World Cup 2013 schedule on ESPN networks includes all 52 matches of the tournament from Turkey June 21-July 13. The 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup showcases the young international soccer stars from 24 countries, including Mexico, the United States and defending champion Brazil. The U.S. National U-20 Team plays its first match of the tournament vs. Spain on Friday, June 21, at 1:45pm ET on ESPN2. Mexico takes on Greece Saturday, June 22, at 10:45am ET on ESPN.

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U-20 World Cup 2013 schedule

ESPNU carries 21 games, including the the quarterfinals and semifinals. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and WatchESPN air remaining matches. The final match from Istanbul Arena airs on ESPN July 13 at 1:45pm ET.

ESPN commentators Adrian Healey and Max Bretos and analysts Taylor Twellman and Monica Gonzalez call the action for all U.S. and Mexico matches. The remaining matches will use FIFA commentators from the English language world TV feed.

2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup, United States and Mexico Matches:

DateTime (ET)Match / CommentatorsSiteNetwork(s)
Fri, Jun 211:45 p.m.United States vs. SpainAdrian Healey, Taylor TwellmanIstanbul Arena, IstanbulESPN2, WatchESPN
Sat, Jun 2210:45 a.m.Mexico vs. GreeceMax Bretos, Monica GonzalezKamil Ocak Stadium Gaziantep, TurkeyESPN, WatchESPN
Mon, Jun 2410:45 a.m.France vs. United StatesHealey, TwellmanIstanbul ArenaESPN2, WatchESPN
Tue, Jun 2510:45 a.m.Mexico vs. ParaguayHealey, GonzalezKamil Ocak StadiumESPN2, WatchESPN
Thu, Jun 2712:45 p.m.Ghana vs. United StatesHealey/TwellmanKadir Has Stadium Kayseri, TurkeyESPNU, WatchESPN
Fri, Jun 2810:45 a.m.Mali vs. MexicoBretos/GonzalezKamil Ocak StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN

FIFA U-20 World Cup 2013 schedule on ESPN:

DateTime (ET)Match / CommentatorsSiteNetwork(s)
Fri, Jun 2110:45 a.m.Cuba vs. South KoreaKadir Has Stadium Kayseri, TurkeyESPN3
 10:45 a.m.France vs. GhanaIstanbul Arena, IstanbulESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Nigeria vs. PortugalKadir Has StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.United States vs. SpainHealey/TwellmanIstanbul ArenaESPN2, WatchESPN
Sat, Jun 2210:45 a.m.Colombia vs. AustraliaHuseyin Avni Aker Stadium Trabzon, TurkeyESPN3
 10:45 a.m.Mexico vs. GreeceBretos/GonzalezKamil Ocak Stadium Gaziantep, TurkeyESPN, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.Turkey vs. El SalvadorHuseyin Avni Aker Stadium Trabzon, TurkeyESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.Paraguay vs. MaliKamil Ocak StadiumESPN3
Sun, Jun 239:45 a.m.New Zealand vs. UzbekistanAtaturk Stadium Bursa, TurkeyESPN3
 10:45 a.m.Chile vs. EgyptAkdeniz University Stadium Antalya, TurkeyESPN3
 12:45 p.m.Uruguay vs. CroatiaAtaturk StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.England vs. IraqAkdeniz UniversityESPNU, WatchESPN
Mon, Jun 2410:45 a.m.France vs. United StatesHealey, TwellmanIstanbul ArenaESPN2, WatchESPN
 10:45 a.m.Cuba vs. NigeriaKadir Has StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Spain vs. GhanaIstanbul ArenaESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.Portugal vs. South KoreaKadir Has StadiumESPN3
Tue, Jun 2510:45 a.m.Mexico vs. ParaguayHealey, GonzalezKamil Ocak StadiumESPN2, WatchESPN
 10:45 a.m.Australia vs. El SalvadorYeni Sehir Stadium Rize, TurkeyESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Turkey vs. ColombiaYeni Sehir StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.Mali vs. GreeceKamil Ocak StadiumESPN3
Wed, Jun 2610:45 a.m.Chile vs. EnglandAkdeniz University StadiumESPN3
 10:45 a.m.New Zealand vs. UruguayAtaturk StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Iraq vs. EgyptAkdeniz University StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Croatia vs. UzbekistanAtaturk StadiumESPN3
Thu, Jun 279:45 a.m.South Korea vs. NigeriaIstanbul ArenaESPN3
 9:45 a.m.Portugal vs. CubaKadir Has StadiumESPN3
 12:45 p.m.Ghana vs. United StatesHealey, TwellmanKadir Has StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 12:45 p.m.Spain vs. FranceIstanbul ArenaWatchESPN, ESPNU (at 7 p.m.)
Fri, Jun 2810:45 a.m.Mali vs. MexicoBretos, GonzalezKamil Ocak StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 10:45 a.m.Greece vs. ParaguayHuseyin Avni Aker StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Australia vs. TurkeyHuseyin Avni Aker StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.El Salvador vs. ColombiaKamil Ocak StadiumESPN3
Sat, Jun 2910:45 a.m.Uzbekistan vs. UruguayAkdeniz University StadiumESPN3
 10:45 a.m.Croatia vs. New ZealandAtaturk StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Egypt vs. EnglandAtaturk StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.Iraq vs. ChileAkdeniz University StadiumESPN3
Tue, Jul 210:45 a.m.Round of 16Istanbul ArenaESPNU, WatchESPN
 10:45 a.m.Round of 16Kamil Ocak StadiumWatchESPN,ESPNU (at 7 p.m.)
 1:45 p.m.Round of 16Kamil Ocak StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.Round of 16Istanbul ArenaESPN3
Wed, Jul 310:45 a.m.Round of 16Kadir Has StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 10:45 a.m.Round of 16Ataturk StadiumESPN3
 1:45 p.m.Round of 16Akdeniz University StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.Round of 16Huseyin Avni Aker StadiumWatchESPN,ESPNU (at 7 p.m.)
Sat, Jul 610:45 a.m.QuarterfinalsYeni Sehir StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.QuarterfinalsAtaturk StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
Sun, Jul 710:45 a.m.QuarterfinalsKadir Has StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.QuarterfinalsIstanbul ArenaESPNU, WatchESPN
Wed, Jul 1010:45 a.m.SemifinalsAtaturk StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.SemifinalsHuseyin Avni Aker StadiumESPNU, WatchESPN
Sat, Jul 1310:45 a.m.Third Place MatchIstanbul ArenaESPNU, WatchESPN
 1:45 p.m.FinalIstanbul ArenaESPN, WatchESPN


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