2013 WNBA TV schedule

2013 WNBA TV schedule includes 45 live regular-season games on NBA TV and 14 on ESPN2/ABC, beginning with Indiana at San Antonio on Friday, May 24. 2013 WNBA No. 1 draft pick Brittney Griner and the Phoenix Mercury appear June 8 on ABC and have five additional appearances on ESPN2.

2013 WNBA TV Schedule

2013 WNBA TV schedule

DateTime (ET)TeamsTV Network
Friday, May 248pmIndiana at San AntonioNBA TV
Sunday, May 268:30pmSeattle at Los AngelesNBA TV
Monday, May 273pmWashington at TulsaESPN2
Monday, May 275pmChicago at PhoenixESPN2
Saturday, June 83:30pmPhoenix at IndianaABC
Wednesday, June 128pmConnecticut at IndianaESPN2
Friday, June 218pmSeattle at San AntonioNBA TV
Friday, June 2110pmWashington at PhoenixNBA TV
Saturday, June 227pmChicago at IndianaNBA TV
Sunday, June 237pmTulsa at MinnesotaNBA TV
Tuesday, June 258pmPhoenix at San AntonioESPN2
Sunday, June 304pmTulsa at WashingtonNBA TV
Tuesday, July 210:30pmMinnesota at Los AngelesNBA TV
Tuesday, July 28pmTulsa at ConnecticutESPN2
Thursday, July 43:30pmNew York at Los AngelesNBA TV
Saturday, July 65pmSan Antonio at Los AngelesNBA TV
Saturday, July 67pmConnecticut at IndianaNBA TV
Tuesday, July 99pmAtlanta at MinnesotaESPN2
Thursday, July 119pmLos Angeles at TulsaESPN2
Thursday, July 1810pmPhoenix at Los AngelesESPN2
Tuesday, July 237pmNew York at IndianaESPN2
Wednesday, July 2411:30amChicago at WashingtonNBA TV
Wednesday, July 247pmConnecticut at AtlantaNBA TV
Thursday, July 253:30pmSeattle at Los AngelesNBA TV
Saturday, July 273:30pmBoost Mobile WNBA All-Star GameABC
Wednesday, July 317pmNew York at WashingtonNBA TV
Friday, August 28pmSan Antonio at MinnesotaNBA TV
Saturday, August 37pmChicago at IndianaNBA TV
Saturday, August 310pmAtlanta at PhoenixNBA TV
Sunday, August 44pmLos Angeles at WashingtonNBA TV
Tuesday, August 67pmLos Angeles at ConnecticutNBA TV
Tuesday, August 610pmSeattle at PhoenixESPN2
Thursday, August 87pmLos Angeles at IndianaNBA TV
Friday, August 910pmTulsa at PhoenixNBA TV
Saturday, August 101pmLos Angeles at New YorkNBA TV
Saturday, August 107pmAtlanta at IndianaNBA TV
Sunday, August 114pmConnecticut at WashingtonNBA TV
Sunday, August 116pmTulsa at PhoenixNBA TV
Tuesday, August 1310:30pmChicago at Los AngelesNBA TV
Wednesday, August 1410pmIndiana at PhoenixNBA TV
Friday, August 167:30pmConnecticut at AtlantaNBA TV
Friday, August 1611pmIndiana at Los AngelesNBA TV
Saturday, August 178pmPhoenix at San AntonioNBA TV
Sunday, August 183pmWashington at AtlantaNBA TV
Tuesday, August 207pmMinnesota at AtlantaNBA TV
Tuesday, August 2010pmLos Angeles at SeattleESPN2
Friday, August 238pmSan Antonio at TulsaNBA TV
Friday, August 2310pmSeattle at PhoenixNBA TV
Saturday, August 247pmIndiana at MinnesotaESPN2
Sunday, August 258:30pmTulsa at Los AngelesNBA TV
Tuesday, August 2710:30pmConnecticut at Los AngelesNBA TV
Wednesday, August 287pmWashington at AtlantaNBA TV
Saturday, August 3110pmConnecticut at PhoenixNBA TV
Monday, September 26pmLos Angeles at AtlantaNBA TV
Wednesday, September 48pmLos Angeles at MinnesotaNBA TV
Friday, September 68pmLos Angeles at TulsaNBA TV
Saturday, September 77pmConnecticut at IndianaNBA TV
Wednesday, September 118pmPhoenix at ChicagoESPN2
Thursday, September 1210:30pmMinnesota at Los AngelesNBA TV
Sunday, September 153pmPhoenix at Los AngelesNBA TV


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