Kings of Crash on Velocity new demolition derby series

Meet Gumby, the McPhee family and Utah’s demolition derby drivers in Kings of Crash on Velocity. Redneck TV continues to grow with its latest addition being Kings of Crash, a new reality series that focuses on the lives of demolition derby drivers in a rural Utah town. Drivers TJ McPhee, Ryan Sweat, Gumby “The Mormon Maniac” (aka James Simko) and Monty Sweat provide just the right formula to make this an interesting character study on a popular hobby not yet captured in the reality TV world. The series debuts on Velocity, formerly HD Theater but now a growing “men’s focused” network, on Sundays, beginning Feb. 10 at 10pm ET/PT.

Kings of Crash on Velocity profiles the lives of demolition derby drivers in UtahBig egos surround this series where these guys build and demolish their cars in pursuit of bragging rights — the Mad Dog: Most Aggressive Driver Award is the most coveted — as well as a small purse that helps fund the rebuilding of their car. The colorful cast was at the TCA Winter Press Tour and explained that the hobby isn’t about the money; it’s more about the adrenaline rush. Every kid wants to break something, they explained, these guys are just showing them how to do it with style.

“You’ve got a bunch of rednecks wrecking grandma’s car,” says TJ McPhee. “I mean, this stuff, it’s fast-paced, it’s hard-hitting. I mean, the crowd is literally on their seats. And, you know, Velocity gives you a glimpse of that, and gives you a taste of what it’s like to be at a Utah derby.”

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