“Dance Moms”: Here’s Brooke’s missing “Paint The Pictures” solo

Dance Moms fans, by now you’ve heard the rumblings that the show’s producers took a few liberties with how the results of the teen solo division actually played out at Tuesday’s episode’s Starbound competition. Namely, that they kinda left out the fact that Brooke performed a solo at all, not to mention that it was she who won second place, while Payton actually came in 7th.

Perhaps to assuage the testy masses, Lifetime posted this video of a truly breathtaking Brooke performing the “Paint The Pictures” solo that we should supposedly have seen first at Energy Dance in Chicago, had Kelly not pulled her daughters’ solos to protest Abby’s favoritism.

Anybody else besides me wonder how this solo ended up on the cutting room floor? I mean, we soldiers in the Dance Moms Nation love us our drama, but I think each of us would ultimately say that The Dance is The Thing.

And this dance deserved to be seen.

New episodes of Dance Moms air Tuesday nights at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

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