TLC’s “The Little Couple” returns for Season 5 on March 20 (video)

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold are back for another season of TLC’s reality series The Little Couple, which chronicles their lives, on March 20 at 10pm ET/PT. The new season picks up after last season’s finale, where it was revealed that the couple’s surrogate, Cindy, suffered a miscarriage. Despite this heartbreaking setback, combined with the couple’s difficult fertility treatments, Bill and Jen’s desire to start a family propels them to try again, and even explore options outside of surrogacy.


In addition to fertility trips in Los Angeles, and Dr. Arnold’s 24-hour shifts at the NICU, Bill and Jen move into their custom-built dream home in Houston, and are launching a brand-new business. Bill puts his business expertise to the test by opening up a pet store, Rocky & Maggie’s, with Jen’s parents. Building a business from scratch is stressful enough, but how will Bill handle the extra challenge of dealing with his in-laws?

Here’s a look at the new season of The Little Couple:


Photo credit: TLC

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7 Responses to TLC’s “The Little Couple” returns for Season 5 on March 20 (video)

  1. Dawn Williams says:

    When will the little couple return to TV we are waiting for them to bring Zoe home from India

  2. d mackenxie says:

    was surprised to see on Tuesday the 22nd of October that the Little Couple was not on the TV listings. Is it ona break or cancelled? thank you

  3. Randee Brown says:

    We love the Little Couple its an awesome and wholesome shoe. we have been trying to get The Little Couple season 2 CD. Hoping to see more of them. Thanks again. Randee and Louie Brown.

  4. joyce beary says:

    When will The Little Couple return in 2013???? Have been waiting patiently and do not like what you have put on now. Hopefully you haven’t cancelled the show. Pleae when will they return?????

  5. Cathy Anderson says:

    Will Bill and Jen be on this fall?

  6. This is a great family. We need more clean family shows. I have enjoyed the past programs. I join in with the other anxiously for Jen an bill to return for the 5th.

  7. Jo Moore says:

    When will the rest of Season Five continue? Waiting for the next esposides. Please let me know asap. Thank you so much.

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