Updated: NFL playoffs TV schedule

By Ryan Berenz

Click here for the 2013 NFL Playoffs TV Schedule

The NFL playoffs kick off Saturday, Jan. 8, with four wild-card games during the weekend. Here are the NFL playoffs seedings and current schedule (check back for updates after each round):

American Football Conference
1.  New England (14-2, AFC East champion)
2.  Pittsburgh (12-4, AFC North champion)
3.  Indianapolis (10-6, AFC South champion)
4.  Kansas City (10-6, AFC West champion)
5.  Baltimore (12-4)
6.  New York Jets (11-5)

National Football Conference
1.  Atlanta (13-3, NFC South champion)
2.  Chicago (11-5, NFC North champion)
3.  Philadelphia (10-6, NFC East champion)
4.  Seattle (7-9) (NFC West champion)
5.  New Orleans (11-5)
6.  Green Bay (10-6)

Saturday, January 8
NFC:    4:30 PM (ET) New Orleans at St. Louis/Seattle (NBC-TV)
AFC:    8:00 PM (ET) New York Jets at Indianapolis (NBC-TV)
Sunday, January 9
AFC:    1:00 PM (ET) Baltimore at Kansas City (CBS-TV)
NFC:    4:30 PM (ET) Green Bay at Philadelphia (FOX-TV)

Saturday, January 15
AFC:    4:30 PM (ET)  Baltimore at Pittsburgh (CBS-TV)
NFC:    8:00 PM (ET) Green Bay at Atlanta (FOX-TV)
Sunday, January 16
NFC:    1:00 PM (ET)  Seattle at Chicago (FOX-TV)
AFC:    4:30 PM (ET) New York Jets at New England (CBS-TV)

Sunday, January 23
NFC Championship Game: Green Bay at Chicago, 3:00pm ET (FOX);
AFC Championship Game: N.Y. Jets at Pittsburgh, 6:30pm ET (CBS)

Sunday, January 30
AFC-NFC Pro Bowl in Hawaii, 7:00pm ET (FOX)

Sunday, February 6
Super Bowl XLV in North Texas, 6:30pm ET (FOX)

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  1. Dan Kuchta says:

    On the playoff game between NY Giants and SF 49rs please get them to change the box in the upper left hand corner so we can see all the information. Now we can see about half of the information bar.

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