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Fri, May 29

What Would You Do?

ABC, 9:02 pm ET

How would supposedly casual observers react to a questionable situation or apparent crisis as it developed before their eyes? That's the premise of this returning series, as host John Quinones showcases people's reactions to staged situations. The show tends to get plentiful coverage on other programs produced by ABC News, especially in the cases of segments with themes that play off current-headline-related concerns.

Shark Tank

ABC, 8:00 pm ET
Shark Tank

Mark Cuban definitely isn't impressed with one of the ideas presented in this episode, since he pronounces it "horrible." Candidates for that response include former Paris residents who use a family recipe for beverages, and the New York-based creators of an ecology-appropriate pizza box. Also, Utah cousins present their concept for making cell phones sanitary. The biggest deal in the history of the show thus far gets an update.

Undercover Boss

CBS, 8:00 pm ET
Undercover Boss

In this episode, Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum, chairman of Mohegan Sun, goes under cover on the front lines of the Native American-owned casino and resort operation. He's actually passing the reins on to the tribal council's next chairman, but this gig should provide him with some insights he can pass on to his successor.

Cold Justice

TNT, 8:00 pm ET
Cold Justice

In the new episode "The Smoking Gun," ex-prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary travel to the Bible Belt of East Tennessee to investigate the murder of a seemingly innocent college student in his quiet hometown of Cleveland. The team must sort through the victim's private past as they search for clues to the identity of his killer.

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