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Sat, May 30

Marilyn: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

LIFETIME, 8:00 pm ET

Lifetime’s two-night miniseries, based on the 2010 book by J. Randy Taraborrelli, covers Marilyn Monroe’s life from age 15, when she was still neglected foster kid Norma Jeane Mortenson, to her untimely death as a sexpot superstar at age 36. The mini reveals that while she was steaming up the silver screen, Marilyn also nursed deeply rooted mental and emotional frailties inherited from her schizophrenic mom (Susan Sarandon), a woman she tried desperately to save even as she longed for unconditional love and acceptance herself.

Grey's Anatomy

ABC, 8:00 pm ET

Derek (Patrick Dempsey) largely was off the radar for a while, but he's back in a very big way in "How to Save a Life," written by series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes. Upon seeing a major car accident, he goes on instinct in rushing over to treat victims. The outcome of this story generated much comment from viewers when it first aired last month. Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, Jessica Capshaw and Kevin McKidd also star.

My Cat From Hell

ANIMAL, 8:00 pm ET
My Cat From Hell

Ambreen has been abused by her cat, Calvin, for the past 13 years because of the way he bites her and her friends relentlessly and without warning. She's tired of it, but she fears he might be put down if she rejects him. Josh's girlfriend, Sydney, has not been welcomed (to put it mildly) into his apartment by his cat, Nico, who bites and hisses at her in the new episode "Love Bites."

Person of Interest

CBS, 8:00 pm ET
Person of Interest

The names may change, but the characters remain the same in"Panopticon." Trying to avoid being located and possibly eliminated by the insidious system Samaritan, Reese (Jim Caviezel) and the other team members adopt new identities. It can be hard to escape your past, though, since The Machine retains elements of who they were -- and Samaritan could track those. Michael Emerson, Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker also star.

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