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Wed, May 27


FOX, 9:00 pm ET

Fans of "Wipeout" likely will be disappointed not to have that show around this summer, but here's a possible substitute ... from the same producers. The premiere, "Bullseye Buggy Jump," presents Kellan Lutz ("Twilight") and Godfrey as the hosts who challenge four men and four women. The contestants must perform such tasks as rappelling down a building or jumping between fast-moving speedboats to hit literal bullseyes and win as much as $50,000.


PBS, 8:00 pm ET

Television characters played by Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner helped the word "bionic" enter the common lexicon, and "My Bionic Pet" explores the phenomenon as it relates to animals in real life. Prosthetics have enabled creatures deprived of such appendages as fins and tails to experience having them again, thanks to the wonders of science and engineering. A number of creatures who have benefited are showcased here, as are the innovators who have aided them.


FOX, 8:00 pm ET

If someone happened to show up at your house at dinner time ... a.) Would you let them in?, and b.) Would you have the ingredients handy to make a satisfactory meal for a guest? The second question is the concern for the contestants who evaded the season's first elimination, as the new episode "You're the Apple of My Eye" finds them using the basic ingredients in a "Mystery Box." Then, they have to put their own spins on a traditional favorite, an apple pie.


CW, 8:00 pm ET

The crusade by his alter ego to bring down Starling City's crime rate has been so successful, Oliver (Stephen Amell) puts more time into leading a normal life in "The Calm." Of course, the rest of the title phrase is "... before the storm," and that upheaval arrives in the form of a new enemy (guest star Peter Stormare). Former movie "Superman" Brandon Routh makes his debut in the role of Ray Palmer, alias the Atom. Emily Bett Rickards also stars.

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