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Wed, August 27

Operation Maneater

PBS, 10:00 pm ET

Think of the animal and reptile kingdoms, and you probably have your own immediate answer to what defines a "maneater." In this new special, veterinarian Mark Evans looks at three examples, using technology to demonstrate how such predators and their human prey can coexist. The great white shark, the Nile crocodile and the polar bear are spotlighted -- also in terms of how they can continue to survive, rather than be killed in retaliation for attacks.

So You Think You Can Dance

FOX, 8:00 pm ET

With her knack for movement, confirmed by her medals in figure skating, Tara Lipinski has the expertise to be a guest judge on this show. She returns to the panel in the new episode "Top 4 Perform & Eliminations," the series' penultimate telecast this season -- since the winner will be announced next week. Those remaining in the contest get new partners to dance with, and they're also paired with one another. Cat Deeley is the host.

The Middle

ABC, 8:00 pm ET
The Middle

The concept of "Office Hours" usually doesn't apply at home, but Frankie (Patricia Heaton) institutes it for her children. She has a need to get organization back into her life, including on the domestic front, and she feels that corralling the kids' input will be a help. Mike (Neil Flynn) worries that Darrin (John Gammon) is monopolizing Sue's (Eden Sher) time by being a constant presence at the Heck house. Atticus Shaffer also stars.

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